Songs, Dances and Romances of the Striding Dales

Lile Vixen

Lile Vixen comes out of the Dales. Mr Fox's child. Jim Jarratt's tribute to his old mate Bob Pegg, is derived from thirty years sessioning in Dales pubs - The Buck Buckden, The White Lion Cray, The George Hubberholme, Helwith Bridge, Fox and Hounds Starbotton, Kings Arms Kettlewell, The Victoria, Worton and various other hostelries lost in the alcoholic haze of non recollection! It is dedicated to all who have shared and moved in these times - to Bob of course, but also to Trevor, Keith, Tim and Rosie, Graham, Mal, Nig., Mal Smith, Clive, Nick, Janet and a host of others. It is also dedicated to those who have fallen silent - Jackie Beresford, Banjo Willie, Roy Armitage whose memory will endure as long as the spirit of their times and their music does. It has been a labour of love. - I only occasionally visit the Dales these days, but like Swaledale in the song it is 'A place where I always will dwell'. Making this album I remembered 'all the good times' and well pleased I will be if posterity decrees that my music was ' Jannock'!

Jim Jarratt. Mytholmroyd. 2006

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Copyright Jim Jarratt. 2006