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SWEEPING UP THE STREET Jim Jarratts 1990s Yorkshire Post articles present a grimly humorous and often philosophical look at the day to day realities of cleaning the streets of Calderdale, West Yorkshire. Also features words and music to the STREET SWEEPERS SONG!

BRIGANTIAN WHISPERS A collection of creepy and unusual tales from northern england. By Jim Jarratt. Visit if you DARE!

THE MAN FROM WIBSEY SLACK Jim Jarratts personal website - songbooks, cds, walkers guides and the YORKSHIRE NATIONAL ANTHEM!

RAMBLES ROUND JUDY WOODS - Judy Woods is a large area of woodland to the south of Bradford, West Yorkshire. This site, based on a booklet produced by Jim Jarratt for the local Youth Centre in 1983, explores the nature and the local history of the area Check it out at

WOODEN DOLLS - Autobiography of A.E. Jarratt. Annie E. Jarratt grew up at Featherstone in the Yorkshire Coalfield in the 1920s. Poverty and hardship forced her and her family to seek work in the booming textile mills of Bradford, where she was, after a brief sojourn in the Land Army, to meet her future husband. This is her story ....