THE MAN FROM WIBSEY SLACK. Jim Jarratts personal website. Details of CDs, publications; also the Yorkshire National Anthem. check it out at
BRIGANTIAN WHISPERS.Creepy ghost stories with a Yorkshire 'edge' by Jim Jarratt. Check them out at
GLASDON UK. Blackpool based firm of interest to street cleaners. Inventors of famed "Littapickas" check out at
RAMBLES ROUND JUDY WOODS An exploration of Judy Woods, a large area of woodland south of Bradford, West Yorkshire. Check out the flora and fauna, and the local history of the area at Judy Woods
THE PATHFINDER - The story of a journey, by Jim Jarratt & Mal Laws. The story of the folk rock epic that never was. In 1975 seven musicians set out to record The Pathfinder, a folk/rock oddysey along an imaginary mystical 'ley line' across Northern England, loosely based on a real life journey on A. Wainwrights now famous 'Coast-to-Coast Walk'. No-one at the time would have thought the 'journey' was to involve numerous setbacks, and would be 25 years in the making! This site is best appreciated with a full screen and your speakers switched ON! Check it out at Pathfinder
WOODEN DOLLS An autobigraphy by Annie Jarratt. Annie Jarratt grew up in Featherstone, West Yorkshire in the 1920s, later moving to Bradford in the 30's to find work in the mills. 'Wooden Dolls' is a story of hardship and love, of the trials and tribulations of a working class family living through poverty, the dislocation of war, and the reconstruction and optimism of the fifties and sixties. It is the extraordinary story of an ordinary life and a unique piece of social history. Check it out at