This site is intended to be a 'virtual' perambulation of an area rich in local interest. Judy Woods lies on the south side of Bradford in the green belt between Bradford and Halifax. Correctly speaking, it is not one wood, but many. The area known as 'Judy Woods' is made up of Royds Hall Great Wood, Jagger Park Woods, Low Wood, Old Hanna Wood and an assortment of lesser plantations. The woods stretch from the Woodside Estate to Station Road between Wyke and Norwood Green. The length of the woodland area is about two miles, and the area is bounded on the eastern side by Delph Hill, High Fernley, Royds Hall and on the western side by Norwood Green, High Bentley and Shelf, all of which provide points of access to this lovely area of countryside. Judy Woods is classified as an amenity woodland and is owned by the Bradford Metropolitan Council. As such, the area is subject to byelaws against shooting, metal detecting, riding horses and motorbikes and camping, but otherwise you are free to enjoy yourself! This website should prove an adequate guide to this very beautiful and little known area.



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