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This massive anthology of 'Songs for the Life' is the product of nearly fifty years spent as a Singer/Songwriter. All of them have performed before audiences in folk clubs, concerts, open sessions and occasional theatrical productions. Some of them have been featured on radio, recorded on CD albums, and as music videos on You Tube. All the songs in this book are contemporary 'Folk' songs... that is to say... real songs about real things. They cover a wide range of subjects and styles. Many of the songs, (like their creator), have a 'Northern' accent. This is a book for musicians and singers. The songs come complete with staff music, chords,illustrations and notes about the songs. To get the most from them you need to set them up and sing them. Do so with sensitivity and you may feel what I felt when I first breathed life into them ... a fit of helpless laughter, or tears and a raising of hair on the back of my neck. Songs for the Life... Sweet River Flow.

Book Title: SONGS FOR THE LIFE - Jim Jarratt
ISBN: 9781788769471
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