Notes - The Tide

"The Man in Lincoln Green" …… Robin Hood, the Green man, a mediaeval folk hero who is certainly a vestigial pagan deity with his roots in earlier times. He is possibly related to Cernunnos, the antler-headed god; or to Herne the Hunter, all relatives of the roman pastoral god, Pan. All these figures appear to be symbols for very real natural forces at work in (and possibly beyond) the human psyche. The traditional grave of Robin Hood is at Kirklees Park, near Brighouse, Yorkshire, but many such 'graves' are to be found in the english countryside….. On our journey in "the Pathfinder" we encounter his 'chair' in Ennerdale, Cumberland, his 'grave' in Westmorland, his 'tower' at Richmond, and last of all his 'Bay' at the end of the journey. Many 'Robin Hood' sites often turn out to be prehistoric cairns or 'giants graves', all capable of being associated with 'ley' networks.

"The Bridestones …" Commonly found throughout the British Isles. The name is indiscriminately applied to both natural rock outcrops and and megalithic standing stones…….

"The donkeystone by the cottage door…" Once used for scouring and whitening doorsteps in back-to-back industrial streets and rural cottages. In urban communities those who didn't 'donkey' their steps regularly were often persecuted and slandered by their neighbours, the respectability of their families being measured by the whiteness of their steps…..