Notes - The Boat

"The woman in white" The Celtic St. Bega who founded the priory of St. Bees, Cumberland, in distant times. She might also be associated with the ancient cross in nearby Beckermet, dedicated to St. Bridget, the patron of motherhood, who is really a christianized version of Bride (or Brigantia), the Romano-British descendent of Magog, or the Earth Mother. The early christians absorbed much pagan belief, and the "black lodestone" our lady drops on the shore in "The Pathfinder" symbolises paganism discarded and defeated, as does the ancient 8th century stone at St. Bees Priory, depicting a knight slaying a serpent. The "lodestone" is lost, forgotten, and we journey through time, from viking raiders to the age of modern communications, ready to go to St Bees, find the holed stone, and begin a journey of self discovery.