Notes -Prologue

"The standing stone by the tumbled graves" - The Rudston Monolith, Rudston churchyard, E. Yorkshire.

"Take the stone". Etc. Two old ladies I encountered in Grasmere informed me that a holed pebble I had found on the beach at St. Bees, could, if swung like a pendulum, be attracted to 'force lines' and used for dowsing. The holed pebble is also an Earth Mother symbol, the hole representing the 'all-seeing eye'. Dales farmers used to hang them in their barns as 'witch' or 'dobby' stones to ward off witches, boggarts, dobbies and night 'mares'!

"Follow the nick" Ley Points. See Alfred Watkins- "The Old Straight Track"

"The unknown wraith." Suicides and witches were traditionally buried at the crossroads. This suggests an ancient belief in geomantic transmigrational beliefs.

"The horned cross, the cup, the ring.etc." Enigmatic prehistoric spirals, lozenges, dots and serpentine reliefs found on megalithic stones all over the world, the best British examples being found on the pennine moors about Ilkley, West Yorkshire. Many theories have been advanced as to their meaning or purpose.