Lyrics - Nemesis

Stumble through the ink black night,
Mud clings cold on sightless limbs,
Lost in the wind and driving rain,
To die before the day begins...

Shivering from head to foot,
Guts are retching forth in pain,
Never to see the light of day,
Never to see my home again...

Cant see the ground beneath my feet,
No-one to hear my anguished cries,
Only a pulsing in my brain,
Memories pass before my eyes...

I tried to drag my failing limbs,
I tried to cry but there was no sound,
I tried to breathe, but there was no breath,
My body sank on the sodden ground...

After the mist and the wind and rain,
As the sun rose high on the blue North Sea,
I saw a corpse by a pile of stones,
I looked at the face and it was ME...

The mouth was set in a rigid smile,
The eyes stared cold at the morning sun,
The neck was scotched by the black stone's thread,
I turned- but found no place to run...

A dark mist dropped upon my eyes,
I lost my breath in a humid heat,
I AWOKE in a start in a fearsome sweat,
All tangled up in a bedroom SHEET!!!