Lyrics - The Vale of Eden

Sun beats down from an empty sky,
In the vale that lies beneath the fells,
Salt cakes my brow as I pass by,
Silent springs and dried up wells...

All along the dry and stony track,
By the henge and the grave on the low squat hill, Orchids bloom in the mossy clints,
But there's nowhere I can drink my fill...

I followed the stone to the green mans grave,
Then far below saw a shining pool,
I followed the line of an ancient way,
And ran to drink there, like a fool...

But there was no water I could drink,
Just bents and marsh and nesting birds,
I made my way through the gorse and ling,
Lost in thirst and lost for words...

As you walked by the mounds where the urn folk lived,
Wishing you could drink a tide,
Who was the man in the long white robe,
who walked so softly by your side?

As you were dazed for want of drink,
As you staggered on the dusty track,
You hear his footfall close behind But there's no-one there when you look back...

His skin is torn, his brow is grazed,
Blood stains the robe all on his side,
He is the life in the grave's decay,
The earth of living kind his bride...

He is the friend you cannot find,
His blood the water you must drink,
To take his strength, then the ancient stone,
Will leave the land where the waters sink...

My heart was pounding in my head,
My aching legs began to lock,
The footsteps that I heard were gone,
And there was water in the rock...