A Transpennine Challenge Walk

with Jim Jarratt

I made the first crossing from Bingley to Burnley in September 1983, doing the final surveying of a route I had visualized some years earlier while working as a Countryside Ranger in the Haworth Area. The resultant guidebook was scheduled for publication by Pennine Heritage Network of Hebden Bridge, Who produced a brilliantly designed Guidebook that has since gone missing. Alas! The project, which was to be funded by the Standing Conference of South Pennine Authorities (SCOSPA), had its plug pulled by them at the last minute, and thus the South Pennines was denied a good challenge walk. I have long wanted to see this walk opened to the public, but without an interested publisher the idea has been long confined to the desk drawer. But now, with the advent of internet publishing I can make this walk available to anyone who wishes to give it a go. This site contains everything you will need to make the crossing from Bingley to Burnley (or vice versa!). Have a good trip!


Copyright JIM JARRATT 2002